Southern Carpet Cleaners is your #1 spot for carpet cleaning in Statesboro, Ga, Savannah, Ga, Augusta, Ga, and Thomson, Ga . We provide carpet cleaning services to both commercial and residential customers.

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Are you tired of being overcharged for carpet cleaning?

Well call on Southern Carpet Cleaners! We offer some of the lowest rates in town.


Are you tired of dirty looking carpet?

Well call on Southern Carpet Cleaners! We offer steam cleaning as well as carpet shampooing to meet your needs.

Are you tired of pet odors or spots?

Well call on Southern Carpet Cleaners! We use odor control fragrance to eliminate any unpleasant odors or spots, while getting your carpets cleaned.

Are  you uncomfortable letting kids play on dirty carpet?

Well call on Southern Carpet Cleaners! We will make sure that your carpet is safe and as clean as possible so that you can be at peace with your children playing on the carpet.


Are you about to move out and you want to get back your full deposit?

Well call on Southern Carpet Cleaners! We will get your carpet looking brand new!

Southern Carpet Cleaners takes carpet cleaning to a new level....

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Will all my spots come out?

Typically cleaning carpet takes about 45 minutes to an hour and half.  Depending on the severity of the carpet, it could take less or more time.

Southern Carpet Cleaners cleans better than a bissell carpet cleaner, and we are cheaper overall than renting a rug doctor!!!!!!!


There is no guarantee that all spots will come out while getting your carpets cleaned.  If a carpet cleaner tell you he or she guarantee stain removal then you need to find someone else.

There are several factors that determine dry time of carpet. The humidity plays a part in the dry time.  Given perfect conditions is takes anywhere from 3 to 5 hrs

How long does it take to dry?.

How long does it take?

We make your carpet cleaning dreams a reality