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We offer Painting and Cleaning as well. There's nothing like a full turn key operation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Type your paragraph here.

2 bedroom and Living Room for $85.00 offer ends December 1, 2015!!!!!!!!!!!

Established in 2009, Southern Carpet Cleaners has been providing quality services to all customers.  We are extremely cost affordable is take our time to make sure the customer needs are meet. We the owners was asked, " Why did you start Southern Carpet Cleaners?"  His response was, "I saw that other carpet cleaning companies were overcharging for their services, and I wanted to help out the areas citizens by presenting an alternative choice so that everyone could afford to get their carpet cleaned while still upholding quality standards.".-Rafeal Britt 

Hours of Operations

Sunday-Closed and Holidays

Mon-Fri 9-4

Saturday 10-2 (Not open every Saturday)

Job Opportunities

Southern Carpet Cleaners is always looking for new faces to join our team.Whether you have your own carpet cleaning business or you would like to be a carpet cleaners just Contact Us. We have all the tools to get you started on your way.  We have locations in Statesboro, Augusta, Savannah, and Thomson, Ga. 

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