Our Services

Southern Carpet Cleaners aim to please all of our customers by offering two different ways of cleaning your carpets:

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning utilizes water at a high pressure/temperature coupled with high power vacuum to sanitize your carpets.  We use a generator that is located in our van to power the operation.  The steam disinfects the germs that may be trapped deep in the carpet and the vacuum sweeps up up all the dirt that is beneath the carpet surface.  Can a bissell carpet cleaner produce that?


Shampooing your carpet really gets down to the core of the carpet and scrubs the carpet while applying carpet detergent. It totally reconditions the carpet while vacuuming up any excess dirt. Our shampooing method produces greater lift and more agitation than a rug doctor.  

Area we service:

Statesboro, Ga

Thomson, Ga

Savannah, Ga

Augusta, Ga

Call us today to get your carpets cleaned if you are in the area!!!!